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Beverly Hills – May ’02

posted May 15, 2002 by Jenn

To get to Bev Hills from Malibu, it’s a short drive south on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway / Highway One). Malibu is actually a very long city, something like 30 miles long and not wide. Many celebrities live in Malibu and on the way we passed the community of Pacific Palisades (Tom Cruise’s home). …Read More »

Queen Mary

posted May 30, 2002 by Jenn

The Queen Mary is docked in Long Beach, California and when we were there in April ’02 we went on a tour.  The tour was fun, educational, and at times scary. The bow of the ship is in the front and it is big and it has letters on it that spell Queen Mary which …Read More »

May 2002

posted May 31, 2002 by Jenn

Movin’ on, we join Sunny on our last expensive excursion in May ’02 at Universal Studios. We told you we blew a wad in May in Malibu kinda thinking this was close to the end of our road trip (we hadn’t even launched a website yet, but wanted to chronicle our years trip, some other …Read More »