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Prescott, AZ

posted Mar 6, 2002 by Jenn

After the duck died in Texas, we thought it would be best to leave. We once again had no plan but had been blamed for yet another death ~ on the run again… (the duck really didn’t die, so it technically wasn’t our fault again) We left Texas through Abilene (where Greg went to college …Read More »

Southwest ’02

posted Apr 30, 2002 by Jenn

Yep, we really didn’t leave Prescott on the last page, but life really isn’t chronological, nor logical, or sometimes even legitimate or contrived. But one thing for sure, life is. These southwest pictures were taken from our excursions around Prescott during our time there ~ if you were paying attention, you’d remember that we mentioned …Read More »


posted May 1, 2002 by Jenn

Malibu! Where’s that? California. Let’s go. Okay. It actually went more like ~ it’s time to leave Prescott. Debbie and Miguel will eventually get sick of feeding us and we don’t wanna burn that bridge. When we left Prescott, we were kinda heading back towards Issaquah, WA and closing in on a year on the …Read More »