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Dating ’91-’92

posted Mar 17, 1992 by Degs

So your mom’s friend, Luis, didn’t kill me and remained an awesome Mexican and became a friend. I remained painfully white. Your mom and I began to talk about our own culture, our dreams. We dated and hung out together non-stop through the first week. Literally every day, every night. I wouldn’t drop her off …Read More »


posted Jun 13, 1992 by Degs

So kids – it’s 1992 and we’re living in the trailer park. Pregnant with Austin. Working together building hot rods, racing them on the weekends, and camping a lot. We were making $300/wk together. Your pops still wanted to be a roadie pretty bad and put that electronics degree to use. I got another loan …Read More »

Creating our own world

posted Jul 1, 1992 by Jenn

Our own world was already a little bit in progress. We had been living together in the trailer park in San Antonio for some time now. We were working together and building our lives together, pregnant. Being young and broke we had no problem jamming to rock n roll and hanging at our little trailer.  …Read More »