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Your dad, before mom

posted Jul 13, 1991 by Degs

Your dad grew up white. Very white. Down to the last name. Even if he somehow got your granny’s maiden name, he would’ve been a ‘Smith’. Someone traced us back to the Mayflower, pilgrims and puritans. So Yeah. That white. My heritage is European. Probably some Irish, German, Nordic. I really don’t know. Someone looked …Read More »

Your mom, before dad.

posted Jul 14, 1991 by Jenn

Hi kids, it’s your mom here. While dad was growing up all white boy (güero, pronounced ‘way-doe’ meaning white boy), I grew up brown. Mexican. I’m from the Trevino clan and grew up with lots and lots of people in and around the house – tio’s, tea’s, chonies, chanklas, and güero’s. We came up from Mexico, …Read More »

July 15, 1991

posted Jul 15, 1991 by Degs

Hi kids. It is July 15, 1991. I am Gregory Basil White, your future dad. I really don’t like my name. This is the day our life started. I’m 23 years old working for my stepbrother – Grandpa Perry’s son, Lee. It’s a hot rod shop in San Antonio, I’m making $5/hr. There’s no family …Read More »