Shit, my kids are growing up…

Waking up the other day, I found myself a crying mess.  The kind of emotional girl crying that was set off by commercials and making me Tivo every showing of Father of the Bride, parts one AND two.  I realized that for the first time in years, we we’re entering a new phase of parenting.  One that requires less of us making peanut butter sandwiches and juice for lunch and allows us the so called freedom of not caring when the last time the the kids ate.  Sound nice, but when you’ve based your life around the nurturing and caring of parenthood, it’s like being let go of your long time duty for old age.

Our son is turning eighteen this year and while we’re not the kind of Family that’s been counting down the days till we can kick him out, we are aware that we are now living with a young adult.  One that is happy to continue to live with his Family and not ready to get away from us.  But, as our kids have grown up in the same room for years, living on top of each other in the RV across the country, and shared a room in our small place in Austin we realized that it’s time to honor his space so that he feels independent even among his Family.   It’s not long before our girls are right behind him and we realized that we are entering the phase of letting go. So, we laid in bed and cried for about a week recalling all of the fun memories of being parents to such amazing kids.  It was one of the most bonding times we’ve had as a mom and dad.

I thought about what I was really wanting.  Remembering how much we’ve always talked about going back to our other home, Washington, I thought how much our son had always loved the Pacific Northwest.  I know that once he’s on his own he’ll eventually head back there , even if for a little while and the thought of living that far away from our kid made me realize that’s where we need to be.  All of a sudden everything started to make sense.  The idea of home became perfect and clear and the renewed energy of being back in Washington literally made me so happy I could hardly contain myself for the next few weeks.  All I thought about was Washington envisioning this place with space, gardens, and green grass everywhere.  A place where the kids will want to stay with us and a place where they’ll want to come visit.  My heart became full of female motherly juice and I found myself making peace with letting go through creating the vision of what home now means in the next chapter of parenthood.   Most people are thinking of retiring, selling the house, and traveling when their kids leave home and here I was doing the complete opposite, thinking of the home where my kids will bring their Families.  So, in true form I finally looked at Greg as we were walking around the neighborhood and told him ‘we need to move back to Washington.   And I’d like to be outta here before summer and the hundred degree weather.  I know this seems outta the blue, but it’s not.  It’s where we’ve always known we belong’.  He was nice enough to listen and take into consideration what had to be done to even entertain this thought.  Even though he was feeling the same way about letting go of our kids, he is a right brainer and would have to work through the details while I was practically one foot out the door already.

I love him with all my heart and am glad that we made babies together.

Our work as social media geeks and freelance writing make this possible more than ever before.  Taking our work with us is such a gift and we are grateful that we have always stuck to our guns when it came to defining the kind of work we wanted for our Family.  We had a vision years ago of a Family business and we’re reaping the rewards of years of hard work and sacrifices.  And it never had anything to do with money, but everything to do with bringing our Family closer together.  And we’ve done it.

Here we go again…

Our new house
Our new house.

I have a great idea – let’s get rid of all our shizz and hit the road! Version 3.

Austin, Texas is a great city to live in and be from. It recently won another award as such. Seattle came in second and the summer’s there are way better. So that’s the loose plan.

Get rid of all the shizz that three years on a foundation has brought and move into Happy Max…

Do you know the Rules?

Recently I’ve been reading a book called Rules of the Game by Elfreda Pretorius.

I haven’t been reading this book long, but I’m almost done with it and it has already changed the way I think about things and how I feel about circumstances and events that pop up in life.
I’ve learned about consciousness and awareness and how when you become awake to life around you, you lead life and not be led by it.
Your world is created by your thoughts. And thoughts are a frequency that the universe reads and brings them from your inner world to your outer world, that simple. You always get what you focus on.

The book is based on a fictional character named Sam who reaches his end after his very young daughter dies and his wife doesn’t want to see him again. Sam finds himself in the middle of a board meeting for his company in Cape Town, South Africa, and when it all gets to become to much, he gets up and walks out.
Sam ends up making his way to the top of Table Mountain, located in the middle of Cape Town. After all the tourists leave and the Mountain is now empty, Sam finds himself standing at the edge of a cliff ready to end it all. He stands there wondering why he was there, why his life has come to this, why his daughter is dead, and why his wife Karla hates him. Why is this happening to me, God? Why?!
“Are you quitting the game?” asked a voice.

The voice came from a man named Aaron. A man Sam called to the Mountain in the moment when he realized this is not what he wanted. The man can read Sam’s thoughts, and talks to him about the Rules of the Game and the Laws of life.
They spend the night walking around the Mountain talking about the Rules, and how you can get off the bench and start playing again.

I haven’t finished the book yet, and I don’t wanna spoil anything because this is a book that I highly recommend to anyone that likes a good read, and wants to put what Sam and Aaron are talking about to practice.

The universe is indifferent to what comes out of your mouth, it is the thoughts that it reads. The language of the universe is energy, all is energy.
So when you focus your energy on what you want, the universe reads that & puts it into your life.
You must become conscious to understand the universe, and to understand the Rules, to understand thinking for yourself, to know thyself

Are you conscious?

Thanks Elfreda,