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Sex Talk from People who Have Sex…

posted Jan 25, 2010 by Jenn

Forget leaving behind a corporate job of ten years and the ‘security’ of the American Dream, it seems that people always just want to get down to the details of what our life must have been like in an RV with 1/2″ door.  Basically, the golden question – ‘How do you have sex? Never before …Read More »


posted Feb 17, 2010 by Jenn

I’m awoken to follow an inner feeling and creation of home for our Family.  I love the smell that follows the feeling.  I love the scenery that is that sense of home that I see.  I love the adventure that this creates.  I love the feeling of dreaming.  I love the feeling of creating.  I …Read More »

Some thoughts on living…

posted Feb 18, 2010 by Degs

From MondayMorningMemo.com: “You and I are more like a wave than a permanent thing. Think of an experience from your childhood. Something you remember clearly, something you can see, feel, maybe even smell, as if you were really there. After all, you really were there at the time, weren’t you? How else would you remember …Read More »