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See Ya Wa! ~ Vintage BNF

posted May 18, 2001 by Jenn

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Sunny, we’re selling everything and hitting the road. We got Sunny some Japanese TV producers for her b-day. Jenn found these guys while researching RV life on the internet ~ they were looking for a Family that was preparing to hit the road and …Read More »

Leaving Washington ~ to Texas

posted May 30, 2001 by Jenn

Wow. We got out. Sold everything and had a little money in the bank, three houses sold and waiting to close, and a new RV home with a pretty rough plan to take some time off, travel the country, and maybe eventually and probably find a place to live but more importantly initiatives that we’ve …Read More »

Kubel Treffen

posted Jul 1, 2001 by Jenn

Our very first Thing show ~ 123 Things showed up! We hung out at the Holiday Inn and activities included a scavenger hunt around Asheville and a drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was very cool to see so many Things in one place. That’s our Thing at the bottom right of the above …Read More »