some bnf decades from ’91, a simple living tour

Hey ya’ll. Deggers, your papa here. We’re in our 26th year living in our 28th house in our 35th city when Autters, at 25 years old visits both our new city and new RV for his first time exclaiming ‘it feels good to be home!’.

THIS. Read it again if you didn’t catch that.

You all radiate your Home is not a space or place for us. Home is an experience, a warmth, with the people we love. The feeling and emotion where our heart belongs. BareNakedFamily. Your Simple Living experiment started as living cheap for fun and moved to travel to find home, and to work together. Work, Learn, and Play together. We did it. Continue reading “some bnf decades from ’91, a simple living tour”

Dear American Dream on Wandrly

Dear American Dream,

We’re sorry it’s taken us this long to sit down like adults and say the things that should have been said a long time ago. But hey, it’s the New Year, let’s start off fresh. Sigh…it’s strange to see you again after all these years. It’s been a long time. You’ve said things, we’ve said things.

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Wand’rly love…

Our friends over at captured our story like no one ever has. Nathan Swartz ( has become our Jack Kerouac. He’s a fantastic writer and wrote this article from the beginning to when our kids had just graduated our home-school high school and had been running their own coffee shop for a couple of years. If you want our story in the best nutshell it’s ever been, go here now.