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For the barenaked kids…

This is about Greg (born ’67) and Jenn (’74) – your mom and dad – Austin (’92), Kesley (’95), and Sunny (’96) – and how hard we tried working together in these United States to find more family time to be together and with you, full time.

Your mom and dad met building and racing hot rods in ’91. From ’92-’01 we raised you babies and bought houses, cars, and boats while tech booming with Dell – they let us start the engineering team at Microsoft. It was a big deal.

But we always just wanted to work with you kids. So in 2001 we left it all on some home equity to find more family time. We blew a year off living and traveling in an RV. We said homeschool more than we actually did. We ended up living and traveling through many houses, always working together. Always simpler, for Family.

Barenakedfamily.com became our log, and we rode that log working together. We produced family concerts and events and found many weird ways to work, learn, and play together to spend ridiculous amounts of family time together. We got really good living more simply.

When someone asks ‘What did you do’? – in America, they wanna make sense of how you made money. After Dell, ours mostly came from events, publicity, writing, and tech work primarily. We also fixed up old stuff and helped build small businesses. We also plumbed and painted, sold art and toys, and even shoveled some literal shit when times got tight. We’ve had six figure years and years of technical poverty. We never took welfare or food stamps. We’ve become masters of bartering.

What we set out to do was simply to work, learn, and play together with you full time. We always enjoyed really long drives. Fixing up old RV’s and houses and cars. Sleeping at truck stops and rest areas. Exploring, photography, videos, writing, hiking and camping. Sitting by fires and long romantic walks on the beach. Meeting new families and people. Your life has been a little different…

And this is why others have called us – not nudists or porn peddlers; retired; hippie bastards; a bit extreme; those idiots; Texas; trailer trash; totally inappropriate; rich; nomads; this, that, and the other kinda-schoolers, entrepreneurs, voluntary simplists” and more. Lots that we probably don’t wanna know.

The media has also been talking smack about your life – WandrylyKXANABCNHKThis; and this.

We prefer people call us ‘the barenakeds‘ or simply ‘bnf’.

Kids, you may not know it yet but we’ve experienced a bunch of ideas about family life on the fringes. Some good. Some – well… just stupid.

We did find each other.

Here is where we publish some of our explorations of Americana around the edges for you – Austin, Kesley, and Sunny. You have changed our lives.

Here’s a late 2017 update post from Deggers “some bnf decades from ’91, a simple living tour” summarizing our living situations from 1991 – 2017.

BNF 1.0 Picture Book A 2001 to 2007 website we’re too lazy to rebuild. Follow the gif flames… yeah. That lame.