• 1991 ...young lovers & hot rods
  • '92-'01 ...BOOM! career and baby juggling
  • '02-'10 ...a million miles & kids & concerts
  • '11-??? ...grads to college to growing up?!?
  • together.


Becoming Barenaked

Becoming Barenaked

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BareNaked Gets Own Show…

Apr 15, 2015. 2013 by Jenn

BNF Webshow is online! You can see our life on the road!


This website is for you kids – Austin (born ’92), Kesley (’95), and Sunny (’96) – to tell our barenakedfamily story.

We are Greg (’67) and Jenn (’74), your parents, and we have always spent ridiculous amounts of time together.

Your mom and dad met in ’91 building hot rods.

From ’92-’01 we juggled you babies while tech booming with Dell and Microsoft. It was a big deal.

In 2001 we walked away from it all to find more family time to work, learn, and play together with you full time.
Our one year RV vacation turned into six years and a new life, barenaked.

This website is why you are referred to as ‘the barenakeds‘ or ‘bnf‘ – though ‘not nudists or porn peddlers‘ still comes up. A lot.

This is your parents story about spending ridiculous amounts of family time together.

here’s a little longer thing about your story

BNF 1.0

BNF 1.0 Picture Book A 2001 to 2007 website we’re too lazy to rebuild. Follow the gif flames… yeah. That lame.

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